Thursday, February 28, 2013

The House

So if you've read The Plan then you know I'm trying to sell my house.
(if you haven't read about it, go do it - now - we'll wait; yup, we will, cause we like you and all =) )

Anyone out there tried to sell their house?  I didn't exactly enter the market at a great time - October 1 - but whatevs; that was my wedding date so I wanted to have that day mean something else to me.

Did I also mention that I'm selling it myself?  Yeah.....  as if you already didn't realize I was a little "off".   But I figure it will save me somewhere around 12k.  I figured 12k was worth it. 12k will get me really REALLY far on The Budget.

So this is my house - 2610 Belvoir - if you're interested in buying a house in up and coming San Antonio Texas (yay!!)  please let me know and I'll get you an appointment. 

However, if you're not interested in buying a house please don't stalk me.

OK - for the people out there that have sold their house, you know how incredibly annoying it is for people to set an appointment then not show, or say they're ready to make an offer and then don't, or when someone says they have the cash for it they just need to bring their husband by to look.  And when they do actually show up for an appointment they judgementally walk through your house making comments about the wall paper and open every little cabinet, looking at your towels, going through your closet and commenting that for someone getting ready to move "you sure do have a lot of stuff". 

Stuff?  As in I have absolutely no furniture except my bed?  And as in "no furniture" there is no dresser, no chest of drawers, no night stand, nowhere at ALL for me to put clothes except in my closet?    And a girl's got to put her clothes SOMEWHERE.  Just be glad I put my unmentionables in a box that you can't see.  (you're welcome)

And for the people out there that have sold their house themselves.......  multiply that tired frustration by a gajillion, because there is no agent to serve as a buffer.  Yes, I am serious - a GAJILLION

But somewhere deep inside I am secretly hoping that one of these really annoying early/late for their appointment judgemental people who don't understand or fully appreciate my closet organizational skills will somewhere somehow fall deeply in love with my little house and sweep in and buy it.  BUY IT, I say!

So yeah - check out my house - - and please consider buying it so I can get on the road and out of San Antonio. 

If you do come by, you're more than welcome to look in my closet.  Just don't comment on my stuff dude.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Budget

Getting started on THE PLAN necessitates a budget.  What can I say - I'm a bit of a planner for conscious life changes of the major sort.

This is my working budget so far:

 monthly  weekly 
RENT - Parkview RV (reg $330; 10 % Good Sam club membership) $297.00  $74.25
cable / wi-fi - included in rent $ -   $ -  
electric (could be less if take hot showers @ bath house) $40.00  $10.00
food $200.00  $50.00
gas for truck (depending on work location/schedule) $100.00  $25.00
dogs - food, heartworm, flea trtmt $50.00  $12.50
toiletries - TP, shampoo, toothpaste, tampons $40.00  $10.00
laundry (wash/dry two loads/wk) $40.00  $10.00
insurance - truck $100.00  $25.00

 $       867.00  $   216.75

Travel Trailer insurance was left out because I can and most likely will pay all of that up front.  I am wanting to see how close I can stick to this type of budget now, but with so many factors being different - work schedule influencing eating schedule, no way to gauge electric, etc..... - a lot of this is just an estimated guess.  The numbers will get updated as I get more precise info and can do some on hand research.  And of course laundry will probably be alleviated if I have my own wash bucket and clothes line =)

What am I leaving out?  Suggestions? 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Call me crazy, but isn't that what you're supposed to be after a life-changing crisis of epic proportions?

OK - so I got a divorce, alright?  People do that all the time, you say.  But it sure as hell caught me by surprise.  One day I was writing thank you cards for our wedding gifts, and the next day I was signing retainer papers for the most bad ass divorce lawyer in town.  Literally, the. next. day.

Ex and I were together for 10 years.  No, not any kids unless you count the four legged ones (and I do count the four legged ones) And yes, I loved him.  I was pretty damn sure he loved me, I mean, I did marry him and all.  No, I don't really love him much any more, or even care for him in the slightest.  In fact, I would really rather punch him in the face.  Or the balls.  Or the face AND the balls.  Or kick him in both places.  Repeatedly.

But I digress.....

I mean, I did find out about his girlfriend 30 days after our wedding.  Yup - on the eve of our official one month wedding anniversary, I was kicking him out of our house.  See what I mean about the thank you cards to divorce lawyer?  I even found out he was calling his girlfriend while we were on our honeymoon.  I mean what kind of sick prick does that kind of messed up sneaking around? 

After lots of Xanax, vodka, Prozac, Ambien, gin (my favorite gin. EVER. here) and chocolate - not to mention support from my family and friends - I have A  PLAN.

If he got to have a "mid-life crisis" don't I get to have one, too?  Can one do that at 37?  Is that too old, or not old enough?  So my crisis doesn't involve sneaking off with the boss's personal assistant and porking her while my significant other is at work (no, I'm not gay, tho I've considered it, I'm just saying - being sarcastic - oh, you know what I mean.....  right?)

Nope - my plan involves a travel trailer.  And selling the house.  And quitting my corporate job.  And hitting the road with my dogs, seeing what happens.

Are you starting to get the picture?  I hope so, but if not I'll take lots of them for you.  Are you on Instagram ?  Love that sh!t.  Oh - and Snapseed.  I will not post anything without Snapseed.

So come back and see me!  Let me know what adventures you've had, divorce or not, crazy or not, mid-life crisis or not!  I need to do some "research" =)